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Want to have a producer in your pocket?


Check out VOLT - an Arts Management app specifically created for independent creatives in Aotearoa where you can learn about producing, marketing and more!

I have created and designed the challenges and courses on the app to fil a growing gap in Aotearoa's independent landscape of practical producing training. 

Over the past 10 years I have worked alongside some incredible mentors, organisations and kaupapa that has all become tools in my creative toolkit. 


Across the 6 weeks the course will cover:

WEEK 1: Demystifying the Producer – what does this role even do?

WEEK 2: Become a fortune teller – timelines & schedules

WEEK 3: Money, money, money – Funding, budgets & more!

WEEK 4: The Magic of Marketing – Plans, images & making the most out of what you’ve got!

WEEK 5: Mindsets & next steps

WEEK 6: The Central Hub – admin tips & tricks


Plus bonus content with:

1. Weekly Group Zoom calls with your new arts whānau

2. "The Ultimate Producer Checklist" to set you up for success

3. Private FB group so you have access to a community of artists and emerging producers to support you

4. The app access so you can learn anywhere, any time - even after the challenge is done

Join the Waitlist below for more information on Round 3 later in 2022.

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