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Want to have a producer in your pocket?


Check out VOLT - an Arts Management app specifically created for independent creatives in Aotearoa where you can learn about producing, marketing and more!

VOLT was created and designed the challenges and courses on the app to fill a growing gap in Aotearoa's independent landscape of practical producing training. VOLT has been funded by the Manatu Taonga Cultural Regeneration Fund in 2023 to redevelop the content and app. 

Our Flagship course is the Producer Power Up Challenge. 

Across the course we will cover:

WEEK 1: Demystifying the Producer – what does this role even do?

WEEK 2: Become a fortune teller – timelines & schedules

WEEK 3: Money, money, money – Funding, budgets & more!

WEEK 4: The Magic of Marketing – Plans, images & making the most out of what you’ve got!

WEEK 5: Mindsets & next steps

WEEK 6: The Central Hub – admin tips & tricks

Our next course will be on the BRAND NEW app platform and starting Monday 13th November.  Join us by signing up at the link below or send through an email to us to find out more!

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