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Talofa Papa Hero image

Talofa Papa

Come on a journey with your grandparents in the comfort of your jandals!


Generous and poignant, this is a communal experience, reminding you to slow down and breathe in the rich idea of family.


Expertly shaping his audience's story using Samoan culture and mischief, Papa takes you by the hand and transports you to a world of kindness and compassion.

Talofa Papa is a gorgeous show for you and all your family with fun, laughter and a naughty fala. Don't be late to the party!


Writer & Performer Kasiano Mita / Producer & Marketing Vanessa Immink / Production Manager Shaun Martin / Nurse#1 Elizabeth Harris / Nurse#2 Suhkjit Kaur Khalsa  / Nurse#3 Mema Sifa / Nurse#4 Unity BrownGraphic Designer Camila Fernandez / Make up Victoria Hopgood & Victoria Seymour/ Assistants John Ulu Va'a & Dylan Fa'atui


Wellington - NZ Improv Festival: 8th October 2020 (BATS Theatre)

Auckland: 12th - 16th March 2019 (Basement Theatre)

Adelaide Fringe Festival: 19th - 27th February 2019 (National Wine Centre)

Perth Fringe World Festival: 12th - 16th February 2019 (Blue Room Theatre)

Wellington - Kia Mau Festival: 5th - 9th June 2018 (BATS Theatre)

Wellington - New Zealand Fringe Festival: 17th - 19th March 2018 (BATS Theatre)


Most Outstanding Performer - Kaisano Mita (NZ Fringe Festival 2018) 

Adelaide Fringe Tour Ready Award - Talofa Papa (NZ Fringe Festival 2018)

Most Promising Emerging Company - The Co - Lab (NZ Fringe Festival 2018)

PANNZ Tour Ready Award - Talofa Papa (NZ Fringe Festival 2018) nominated

Creative New Zealand Pacific Arts Grant - $35,000 for touring Talofa Papa to Perth, Adelaide and Auckland

Most Promising Emerging Artist - Kasiano Mita (Wellington Theatre Awards 2019) nominated

Theatre Weekly Award - Talofa Papa (Perth FRINGE WORLD Festival, 2019)

Interested in knowing more about Talofa Papa?

Tourable: Yes!

People required: two onstage, two backstage

Tech requirements: Minimal - table & 4x chairs are main requirements

Production images and a video recording of the production are available on request.

Please email us for more information.

Talofa Papa Basement Theatre poster

Basement Theatre season poster, designed by Camila Fernandez

Talofa Papa performed at Blue Room Theatre, Perth 2019

Talofa Papa, Blue Room Theatre, Perth, February 2019.

Talofa Papa winning Adelaide Fringe Tour Ready Award, NZ Fringe 2018

Jo O'Callaghan (Adelaide Fringe) with Vanessa, Shaun & Kasiano at New Zealand Fringe Festival's awards night, March 2018. 

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