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So you want to  work with  me?

Vanessa Immink with arms spread out wide at Puponga/Farewell Spit lookout

Amazing! I'm THIS excited!

As an arts practitioner, I understand the importance of being a multi-hyphened person, as well as the small budgets we work from in the performing arts. 

Below is a list of skills I can be contracted for to yourself or your organisation. This is not limited to New Zealand, as I have also travelled overseas for contracts previously. Many of these skills can be done remotely so I can either travel to you or work from home. 



Event and Stage Management (small to medium scale only)

Festival & Venue Programming

Client Relationship Management
Arts Marketing
Social Media Marketing & Management
(certain clients only)

Publicity (Whakatāne & Wellington only)
Community Outreach Initiatives
Funding/Grant Applications (certain clients only)

Company & Tour Management
Database Creation & Management
Public Speaking, Panel Sitting & Pitching

Arts Advocacy

Script Reading & Advising

Campaign Management

Need me to do something that's not on the list? Flick me an email and let's chat!

How much I   cost?

Great question! (And one many people avoid talking about, right?) As a freelancer, I have various rates and deals available for my services as some may cost more than others.  

However, I do understand the troubling times we are currently in, let alone the *teeny tiny* budgets us independents work from. I would love to hear more about what you are looking for first so I can draft up a quote. Unfortunately, there are too many variables to write down specific figures for each service. 


If you are keen to work with me, please get in touch so we can chat about what you require and how we can make this work!

Need more evidence?

F air enough! Although I feel like we know each other already, I understand some people need a bit more convincing I'm the real deal before reaching out. 

Take a look at my resume HERE.



Follow me on any of my social media platforms (links are at the bottom of every page so there's no excuse not to give my Instagram a cheeky "follow") to get a better understanding of who I am and what I stand for. 

Vanessa Immink talking on arts marketing panel, Stand Out, for Adelaide Fringe Festival's pre-festival events, November 2019. 

Vanessa talking on arts marketing panel, Stand Out, for Adelaide Fringe Festival's pre-festival events, November 2019. 

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