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The Co - Lab

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The Co - Lab's Kaupapa

  • We celebrate and uplift rangatahi Māori, Pasifika and Indigenous writers, performers and arts practitioners. 

  • We connect our emerging artists to established practitioners, to build relationships professionally, creatively and personally. 

  • We prioritise our whānau & hauora before anything else (including the art).

  • We acknowledge that everyone learns and communicates in different ways, and we respect the journey our practitioners are on (with their practice, indigeneity and technology). 

The Co - Lab is a successful theatre company that provides a platform for emerging Māori and Pasifika theatre makers to tell their stories across the motu and overseas. 

We are known for project development, festival touring and community engagement. We’ve produced shows in Wellington, Palmerston North, Auckland, Perth and Adelaide.

2017: Bleeding Black (play by Christopher Watts)

2017 - 2019: Talofa Papa (play by Kasiano Mita)

2019: Fishin’ Chip (play by Maia Diamond)


We are always on the hunt for new ideas, artists and technical support so if you are interested in joining our team and database of practitioners, drop us a line!

For more information feel free to message us on Facebook or email us.

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