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Marketing & Publicity

You're all sorted for a producer or administrator but need someone to take over your arts marketing, publicity or social media for your show? Step into my office!

What's the difference between marketing and publicity, I hear you ask? 


The action of promoting and selling your product including branding and advertising.



Works with the media to see the newsworthy value and potential public interest in your product. 


What I DO as your Arts Marketer: 

  • Marketing strategy alongside the producer

  • Content design alongside a graphic designer

  • Organise marketing assets

  • Assist the publicist or publicity team

  • Copywriting

  • Organise biographies and headshots of cast and crew

  • Digital marketing (Website & EDM management, online event listings)

  • Social Media marketing strategy and management

  • Social Media content creation (comms, copy, basic content)

  • Community outreach

What I WON'T do as your Arts Marketer:

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Graphic Design 

  • Web Design

I say this to separate the art forms away from producing and marketing. Many photographers, videographers and designers have studied for years to be the best at their craft. While I understand that producers and marketers are having to upskill in these areas, I have a strong belief in not needing to "be everything".  

I'm more than happy to source the people above to help develop marketing assets for your event or organisation, in fact, I strongly advise these people to also be included in your marketing plan!

Want to chat more about arts marketing and publicity? Contact me to discuss!

Below is a selection of the shows I have been the marketer and/or publicist for since 2014. 

Fishin' Chip
Wonderful by Dean Parker
My Accomplice
Young and Hungry Arts Trust
Talofa Papa Facebook cover image
The Travelling Squirrel by Robert Lord at Circa Theatre
Bleeding Black cover image
Wellington Footlights season of Pippin
Wings by Jess Sayer
Surgery in Mind cover image
Weed at Circa Theatre
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