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What even is a producer? GREAT QUESTION. For non-arts people, think of a producer as a Project Manager. 

While a director is responsible for the creative elements and leading the company through the rehearsal process, a producer may be tapping away at their laptops months before you even get into the rehearsal room.


A producer is ultimately responsible for all the things some artists consider to be (dare I say it) the boring bits of creating a production. 

Producers normally have to-do lists everywhere, are super organised, love a colour coded and conditionally formatted spreadsheet (oh hey there!) and know their way around a budget of all shapes and sizes. It's genuinely what we love to do - being problem solvers, and help facilitate fun, in a safe, professional manner throughout the production process. 

The truth is, there are so many different versions of what a "producer" is so it's always best to figure out what skills you actually need on your team and then take time to research which producer would suit your project best!

What I would do as your independent producer:

Budget Management

Project Management

Marketing & Social Media Management

Tour Development

Team Development 

Plus other goodies...

Whether you have a play you've just written, have an idea you want to develop, or you're a future producer in the making who wants to know more, I'm always happy to have a kōrero/talk with people. 


Say kia ora HERE.

Below are some shows I've produced, production assisted, or tour managed for various companies over the years.  

Fishin' Chip - Kia Mau Festival 2019

Talofa Papa - Various seasons 2018 - 2019

Bleeding Black - New Zealand Fringe 2017

Priscilla Queen of the Desert - Auckland 2016

Blue Man Group World Tour - New Zealand 2016

Cats - International Tour 2015

The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Circa Theatre 2015

Singin' In the Rain - International Tour 2015

Fishin' Chip Facebook cover image
Bleeding Black Facebook cover image
Blue Man Group image
The Mystery of Edwin Drood at Circa Theatre
Talofa Papa Facebook cover image
Priscilla Queen of the Desert image
Cats the musical image
Singin' In the Rain International Tour
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