What even is a producer? GREAT QUESTION. For non-arts people, think of a producer as a Project Manager. 

While a director is responsible for the creative elements and leading the company through the rehearsal process, a producer may be tapping away at their laptops months before you even get into the rehearsal room.


A producer is ultimately responsible for all the things some artists consider to be (dare I say it) the boring bits of creating a production. 

Producers normally have to-do lists everywhere, are super organised, love a colour coded and conditionally formatted spreadsheet (oh hey there!) and know their way around a budget of all shapes and sizes. It's genuinely what we love to do - being problem solvers, and help facilitate fun, in a safe, professional manner throughout the production process. 

The truth is, there are so many different versions of what a "producer" is so it's always best to figure out what skills you actually need on your team and then take time to research which producer would suit your project best!

What I would do as your independent producer:

Budget Management

Project Management

Marketing & Social Media Management

Tour Development

Team Development 

Plus other goodies...

Whether you have a play you've just written, have an idea you want to develop, or you're a future producer in the making who wants to know more, I'm always happy to have a kōrero/talk with people. 


Say kia ora HERE.

Below are some shows I've produced, production assisted, or tour managed for various companies over the years.  

Fishin' Chip - Kia Mau Festival 2019

Talofa Papa - Various seasons 2018 - 2019

Bleeding Black - New Zealand Fringe 2017

Priscilla Queen of the Desert - Auckland 2016

Blue Man Group World Tour - New Zealand 2016

Cats - International Tour 2015

The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Circa Theatre 2015

Singin' In the Rain - International Tour 2015